Pool screen repair Orlando



Pool screen repair Orlando

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With the Florida heat always at your doorstep, it is obvious that you would want to enjoy your day in your pool, cooling off. But what should you do if there is a tear in your pool screen that is preventing you from enjoying your time. Well, it is easy to fix. All you need is some mesh screen and either some superglue or some silicone caulk.

First, determine the size of the tear and cut out a respective amount of screen mesh. Dip the material in the superglue or apply the silicone caulk onto the edges. Then press the screen where the damage is. Make sure to smoothen it out and that the material is applied properly. Then all is left is to let the mesh to dry onto the screen and then to cut off the extra material. You must be careful with the process, otherwise the screen will not hold for long. It is not hard to patch up a small tear, however, if you pool screen has sustained major damage, like a bigger tear, or if the screen came off at the corners, then you will need professional help, and we are here to help you.
We pride ourselves in being the most reliable pool screen repair service in Orlando, Florida, and we will do anything to help and satisfy our customers. Our staff has years of experience working with different problems, pool types, and people, so we guarantee your satisfaction with our work. We also make sure to only work with the highest quality materials that come from the most trusted distributers. Along with decades of experience on the field, our contractors are sure to do a fast and sturdy job.

Another fact that we are proud of is that not only do we provide the top of the line service, but also that our prices are reasonable and available for all people. We measure the price from multiple things; the accessibility of the damage and how easily our workers are able to reach it, and the size of the damage and amount of material used to repair the damage. However, we charge only $115 for the first service call and the first 50 ft of the screen, and then $1.50 for every square foot of screen. With our amazing prices and the quality of our services, we are proudly consider ourselves the most reliable and certified business in  the pool screen repair in Orlando, Florida.